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Year-end tax savings tips for business owners

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Veteran's Day Reflections

A personal request

Third Quarter Market Commentary

Recession Coming?

Flash Market Update

A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

Patience Rewarded

For Independence Day - The Best John Adams Quotes

The Big Thing Holding Back Small Businesses

Recovery and the Fed Teases

Tax-Saving Tips - June 2019

College Dilemma - Expensive and Popular vs. Affordable

May 2019 Economic and Market Commentary

Savvy Cybersecurity May 2019

Recession Fears?

Value Building for Business Owners May 30, 2019

Conversations with Cameron - Episode 1

Artifex welcomes new staff members

US-China Trade War: Investment Strategy Update

Strong Growth, New Highs

Withholding under the new Tax Act

First Quarter 2019 Market & Economic Commentary

Artifex Newsletter March 2019

BonFyre of the Vanities

January Market & Economic Commentary

Artifex Financial Group's 2019 Market Outlook

Artifex Financial Group 4th Quarter 2018 Economic Update

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Thanksgiving Wishes

Artifex Financial Group September 2018 Newsletter

Artifex Financial Group August 2018 Newsletter

Interesting Facts About Independence Day

Artifex Financial Group June 2018 Newsletter

The New Phone Book's Here!!!!

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2017 Annual Market Review

Something to Think About at the Start of 2018

And on the 12th Day of Fun Facts...

12 Days of Fun Facts - Day 11 - Thoughts on Intelligence, and our Last Giveaway of 2017!

12 Days of Fun Facts - Day 10 - How Americans Spend Their Time

12 Days of Fun Facts - Day 9 - Key Questions for the Long-Term Investor, and Factual Answers

12 Days of Fun Facts - Day 8 - UK & US: Best Cities and Jobs for Job Seekers

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12 Days of Fun Facts - Day 2

12 Days of Fun Facts

Artifex Financial Group November 2017 Newsletter

ESG, SRI, Impact, Values, Faith-Based, Social Investing, etc., etc....

The Artifex Financial Group Newsletter - June 2017 Bonus Edition

May 2017 Newsletter - Memorial Day Edition

Savvy Cybersecurity Alert: Worldwide Ransomware Attack Under Way

Savvy Cybersecurity March 2017 Edition

First Quarter 2017 Market Review

Savvy Cybersecurity February 2017 Edition

Savvy Cybersecurity January 2017 Edition

Buckets or Pies?

Financial Planning - Will Taxes or Probate Costs Reduce Your Estate?

Financial Planning Shifts: What Will the Next Four Years Look Like?

Happy Thanksgiving to our Clients and Friends

Looking at the World Through a "Skilleidoscope" Part 4-Putting it All Together

Looking at the World Through a "Skilleidoscope" Part 3 - Constructing our Lens

Looking at the World Through a "Skilleidoscope" part 2 – Establishing our Perspective

Looking at the World Through a "Skilleidoscope" for Better Investment Results

Artifex Financial Group's Quarterly Market Review 3Q2016

Why Boring Is Good When It Comes to an Investment Philosphy

Morning Inspiration

How to Improve Your Odds of Success at Investing

Don't be Theon Greyjoy

Quarterly Market Review - Second Quarter 2016

My latest article for Kiplinger

The Long-Term Value of Keeping Investment Expenses as Low as Possible

Welcome to Cape Nipa

How Long Will Your Portfolio Last Into Retirement?

Why we buy what we buy

Happy Memorial Day !

The Value of Using an Experienced Team of Financial Advisors

6 Differences: Fiduciary vs. Non-fiduciary Advisors

Investors Are Finding These 3 Benefits in Fee-Only Financial Planning

5 Advantages of Fee-Only Financial Planning

Oh, the circus of Wall Street, banks, brokers and "advisers" marches on...

Artifex Financial First Quarter 2016 Market Review

Play Ball !!!!

March 2016 Client Investment Newsletter

Congratulations Coach Grasso and the Yellow Springs Bulldogs!

Alert - Do NOT Click the link in this email!!!

Savvy Cybersecurity January 2016

A Look at the Compass

What will you do with the money?  What will you do with your life?

Interesting Oil Price and Supply Charts

The Best Tech Holiday Gifts for Under $100

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Chipotle E.coli Update

The Paris Attacks

Thank You, Veterans - Past and Present

Artifex Financial Group Publishes 3rd Quarter Markets Review

A Lesson in Perspective

Market Follies Part 3

Kenneth French and Eugene Fama talk about why they use Financial Advisors

The Middle Class Burden and the Need for Serious Financial Advice

An Artifex Financial Group Greece Update July 2, 2015

Our Q2 Quarterly Market Review is now available

A more interesting read than first imagined

I Like It. What Is It?

Savvy Cybersecurity - March 2015

Savvy Cybersecurity - February 2015

Happy 6th birthday to the bull market

My trip to Zingerman’s

Cybersecurity update on the Anthem Data Breach

Important Cybersecurity Update for Customers or Employees of Anthem / WellPoint

Savvy Cybersecurity Newsletter - January 2015

Artifex Financial Group Receives B Corporation Certification

Artifex Model Folios - 2014 Performance

Gut Check - How the Markets Really Work

Savvy Cybersecurity - November 2014

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Portfolio Focus - Prospect Capital Corporation

Election Returns

Savvy Cybersecurity Newsletter - October 2014 - Fighting a Cyber World War

Volatility is up. So what?

10 Ways to Protect a Small Business From Hackers

Is Now the Time To Sell Your Business?

Child ID Theft: 8 Steps to Keep Your Kids Safe

New Services for Privately-Owned Enterprises

Artifex offers new resource to protect your assets - are you Cybersecurity Savvy?

The Newest Largest IPO in History

An Ant-Like Approach to Managing Wealth

Happy Labor Day 2014!

5 Tips to Avoid Fake Financial Advisors

Happy Independence Day!

Peculiar Facts from 500 Years of Finance

Wishing you all a great Memorial Day weekend!

Retirement Spending Revisited

Can Boring Stocks Bring Investment Bliss?

Google Splits Shares Today

What??! The Stock Market is Rigged???

Mountain Top Mining --- Unbelievably Legal

The Dangers of Instinctive Investing

MyRA - What is this thing anyway?

For our physician clients - The Advisor Monthly Magazine

Model Focus Holding

The Stock Market -- Voting Machine, or Weighing Machine?

Model Portfolio Updates

20 things you probably don't know about the Russian incursion into the Ukraine

New Model Fact Sheets!

Yes, There Are Valid Reasons For Optimism

We've prepared a new white paper for you

Beware the Bogus Effect

We've gone mobile!

Updates published to the AFG ROE Model

Performance Results of Selected Artifex Folios - December 31, 2013

The Price America Pays for Global Leadership, By Bob Veres

A Year to Remember

Happy New Year! And in case you missed it, an amazing fireworks display for your viewing pleasure.

Let the Taper Begin

Just as I was finishing my last post, this arrived in my email inbox...

Should You Leave Your Wall Street Firm?

A Budget Deal -- When?

Bitcoins: Investment or Bust?

Last chance! Come and hear Peter Buffett tonight at the Victoria Theatre!

Artifex Financial Group Sponsors visit by Peter Buffett, son of Warren Buffett

Artifex Financial Group Introduces a Unique Online Retirement Readiness Seminar

The Tax-Exempt Emergency fund

Your Returns vs. the Market

Artifex Financial is Getting Ready for Buckeye Football!

The Tax-Efficient Retirement

Everything You Need to Know About Our National Debt

Our new website receives national attention!

Welcome Zach Rapp!

Detroit's Woes - A look at the bankruptcy from a different angle

Updated Performance Information Available for AFG Folios through 6/30/2013

Independence Day Reflections

The Real Difference between "Fee-Only" and "Fee-Based" Advisors

Thinking of Working with an “Advisor”? Ask This Question FIRST…

Useful apps to streamline and enhance your life

Maximizing your Income in Retirement

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the Artifex Intelliplan Blog

Commentary on the world of finance, and other things

We at Artifex believe in enhancing the wisdom of our clients and readers.  While most of our topics will be related to investments, personal finance, and the economy, we also endeavor to include thought-provoking commentary on topics that will help you expand your "mental models", as referred to by Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet. We want you to learn from us and others how to think logically and see the world through an informed lens.

Some of our regular topics include:

  • Monthly "Savvy Cybersecurity" updates with tips to keep your data safe
  • Economic and market commentary
  • Financial planning and investment management best practices
  • Thoughts to improve your mindset and your life
Please join us on this journey!

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