Can Working With Us Increase Your Happiness?

Posted by Doug Kinsey - 10 December, 2021


People with Financial Advisors Are Happier Than Those Without: A New Report from Herbers & Co.

A new study from Herbers & Co. supports the idea that people who work with Financial Advisors tend to be happier than those who don't, and the happiness quotient increases among higher levels of wealth.  

Although we have seen anecdotal evidence of this over the years that we've been in business, and we get regular feedback from our clients that supports this notion, it's interesting to see a study that validates our suspicions.  It goes without saying that one of our primary goals is to increase our clients' overall happiness level and to provide you with advice, tools, and technologies that keep you happy.  We believe that our fee-only, independent, and objective philosophy is a further enhancement beyond the general financial advisor population cited in this study.  Even today, a small percentage of advisory firms have adopted similar business styles, and this continues to be a significant advantage for our firm.

Perhaps this report is further evidence that firms like ours offer an indispensable service.  If you aren't already a client, let's talk.

You can access the full report here:  Want to Be Happy? Hire a Financial Advisor.

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