Eight Ways to Enhance the Value of Your Business

Posted by Doug Kinsey - 05 September, 2022


New article by Doug Kinsey published in Columbus Business First Leadership Trust

I recently wrote an article specifically for business owners for Columbus Business First, entitled "Eight Ways to Enhance the Value of Your Business."  

In the article, I identify eight key areas of focus for business owners that are interested in growing their business value.  These considerations are a component of our unique Value Builder System that we can employ to help you think through these topics and take actionable steps to improve your operations.  

You can read the article here.  

And if this interests you, here's a short video. about the system:


Since a lot of our work for business owners is an outgrowth of personal financial planning, many entrepreneurs find it helpful to determine what they need from their business to maximize their goals.  One place to start is using our free tool, the Freedom Score Report.  

You can get your score by clicking the link below:

Freedom Score Report

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.

--Doug Kinsey, CFP®, CIMA®




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