Happy Labor Day, 2020!

Posted by Doug Kinsey - 07 September, 2020


A look at some of the worst jobs in the world through the ages

We hope you are enjoying a well-deserved day off from your labors, and are able to take some time to relax with loved ones and friends.  It's certainly been a year of excessive and challenging labor for some, and possibly a lack of labor for others.  Let's hope that in either event, the coming twelve months is more "normal" and that we reach a point where meaningful employment is attained for the majority of our working population.

As I was looking for something interesting to post to commemorate this day, I ran across the following "Worst Jobs in the World Matrix" at Lapham's Quarterly.  Thankfully, at least in the developed world, we've surpassed the stage at which there's any demand for these endeavors:


Source:  Lapham's Quarterly, https://www.laphamsquarterly.org/lines-work/charts-graphs/worst-jobs-world





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