A New Covid-19 Resource for You

Posted by Doug Kinsey - 22 September, 2021


A New Covid-19 Resource For You

Yesterday, Channel 2 News in Dayton published an article regarding a new Covid-19 resource that was created by the microCovid Project, which can be a valuable resource to help you navigate the risks related to the Delta variant.

Given that many of us are trying to navigate how we can best live our lives within the constant barrage of information, mask mandates (or lack thereof), and warnings related to the current stage of the virus, this looks to be a valuable tool to assist us.

The creators of the microCovid Project have basically taken statistical and scientific information and applied an algorithm that can help you set a Covid "risk budget" for yourself and then apply it to specific scenarios you may be interested in.  The idea is that various activities we all engage in pose different threats to us based on the projected number of people present at the event, whether they have been vaccinated, wear masks, whether it is an indoor or outdoor event, etc.

The creators of the tool propose that, even if you are vaccinated, you are still susceptible to the virus, and the number and types of gatherings that you subject yourself to in a given time period create a "micro-Covid" numerical approximation of the risk.  By managing your exposure over various timeframes, you can potentially reduce your potential viral load and possibly reduce your chances of getting sick.

It's an idea worth exploring, and we at Artifex are certainly interested in preserving our health, and your health as our clients.

So, in case you missed it, here's the link to the tool:  microCovid Project Risk Calculator Tool.

Here's to staying healthy!

Best regards,

--Artifex Financial Group

microCovid Project White Paper: https://www.microcovid.org/paper/



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