Words of Inspiration from Clayton Christensen

Posted by Doug Kinsey - 25 January, 2020


If you do nothing else this weekend, take 20 minutes to watch this inspirational TedX Boston talk from Clayton Christensen, one of the legends of business and education. Dr. Christensen passed away yesterday, and will be remembered as not only an outstanding individual, but also one of the foremost thinkers regarding business strategy. I became acquainted with him a few years ago through his Harvard Business School Online course on Disruptive Strategy, and was instantly struck by his empathetic style and intelligence.

He wrote a New York Times best-selling book in 2012, entitled "How Will You Measure Your Life?" It's definitely worth the $15 charged on Amazon (when it's in stock).

Students, colleagues, and anyone else who had the opportunity of meeting him and learning from him mourn his passing today. RIP Clayton Christensen.


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