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Artifex Newsletter March 2019

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Mar 7, 2019 10:07:24 PM

Monthly Economic & Market Commentary and an article from our Investment Strategist



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BonFyre of the Vanities

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Feb 11, 2019 12:11:08 PM

Technology and the meaning of true relationships.

I watched the Neftlix documentary, Fyre, last night and went to bed feeling thoroughly confused. First of all, I was not aware of the "Fyre Festival" that is the subject of the documentary, and the events that transpired leading up to and during its massive failure.

Watching the film is like watching a cataclysmic car accident on a busy highway. One in which all the drivers are either drunk, stupid, exhibitionists, or all three. I felt like I was watching a movie where it was impossible to like anyone, including the "influencers" and ignorant customers of the "event."

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January Market & Economic Commentary

Posted by Byron Sanders on Feb 5, 2019 1:19:51 PM

The Fed Blinks

January 31, 2019


World equity prices have extended their January uptrend over the past two weeks. Most broad-based indexes have recovered more than 50% of the declines that ended on December 24, 2018. Progress on resolution of trade disputes with China and reduced anxiety over the course of short-term interest rates appear to have flipped investor sentiment 180° from late December.

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Artifex Financial Group's 2019 Market Outlook

Posted by Byron Sanders on Jan 30, 2019 5:18:34 PM

January 10, 2019

 A new year lies before investors. Most were happy to see the end of 2018 with its staggering volatility and almost commonplace 1-2% intraday swings. In this essay, we attempt to identify economic and political trends across the globe that can be expected to be among the key components of decisions to buy or sell equities in 2019.

Equity prices reflect the collective opinions, hopes, fears and experiences of market participants. News is disseminated virtually instantaneously and reflected in prices without delay. While we cannot foresee how, or which future developments will most affect the equity markets this year, it is useful to be aware of trends that could be germane to investor decisions.

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Artifex Financial Group 4th Quarter 2018 Economic Update

Posted by Byron Sanders on Jan 10, 2019 4:57:35 PM

Read the quarterly commentary from Byron Sanders, our Investment Strategist.  Click on the image below to download.  Email Byron directly at if you have any questions for him.

Best regards,


Your Artifex Team

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In Case You Missed It

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Dec 28, 2018 2:03:00 PM

Our Chief Investment Officer and Partner, Doug Kinsey, was quoted in the Dayton Daily News yesterday. We offer it below for your review. Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year and prosperous 2019!

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Thanksgiving Wishes

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Nov 21, 2018 2:29:33 PM


We at Artifex Financial wish all of you - our clients, friends and blog readers, a wonderful Thanksgiving. In the spirit of which, we offer some background on the first presidential declaration by George Washington, of a National Day of Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend everyone and Go Buckeyes!!!

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Artifex Financial Group September 2018 Newsletter

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Sep 13, 2018 5:48:04 PM

Our periodic newsletter is published and ready.

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Artifex Financial Group August 2018 Newsletter

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Aug 16, 2018 1:43:14 PM

Our periodic newsletter is published and ready.

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Interesting Facts About Independence Day

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Jul 3, 2018 7:12:06 PM

Interesting Facts About Independence Day

The Business of Fireworks


As most middle-school age kids know, in the summer of 1776, representatives of the 13 colonies considered a resolution that would declare their independence from Great Britain. And on July 2nd of the same year, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence. Then on July 4, 1776, the delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, arguably the nation’s most historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

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