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Veteran's Day Reflections

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Nov 11, 2019 4:04:11 PM

On this day of respect, a reflection from Lapham's Quarterly and a link to a riveting Ben Shapiro special on D-Day veterans.

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A personal request

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Oct 11, 2019 10:25:48 AM

If you are a regular reader, occasional reader, client or not, I would appreciate your assistance with a personal project.

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Third Quarter Market Commentary

Posted by Byron Sanders on Oct 7, 2019 3:17:55 PM



Third Quarter Market Comment

October 7, 2019

Global equities opened the third quarter of 2019 amid a sharp selloff, followed by an extended period of advances and declines within a wide trading range, a sustained rally to near all-time highs and finally, late in the period, a moderate decline. At the close of the quarter, net results were mixed with most domestic indexes posting small gains. International and Emerging Markets issues finished modestly lower, pressured by slowing economies and US dollar appreciation.

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Recession Coming?

Posted by Byron Sanders on Aug 15, 2019 5:04:59 PM

August 15, 2019

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Flash Market Update

Posted by Byron Sanders on Aug 6, 2019 12:37:54 PM

Good morning,

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A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Aug 2, 2019 6:53:39 PM

One way to help you prepare.

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Patience Rewarded

Posted by Byron Sanders on Aug 1, 2019 1:02:34 PM
July 19, 2019


Broad based US equity indexes posted new all-time highs over the past two weeks, with the most recent peaks on July 15. In addition to the widely followed Dow Jones Industrials and the S&P 500, the DJTMI and NASDAQ Composite index have all bettered previous highs, some dating back to the beginning of 2018.

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For Independence Day - The Best John Adams Quotes

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Jul 3, 2019 4:13:17 PM

Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Here are some patriotic thoughts to ponder  on your day off - from the Art of Manliness blog.

The Best John Adams Quotes

By Jeremy Anderberg on Jul 02, 2019 12:53 pm

While figures like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington may come more readily to mind when we think of America’s revolutionary period and founding, the foremost proponent of the cause of independence was truly John Adams. Nobody made more speeches with more vigor for the side of liberty. Because of this, he was put on a five-man committee to draw up a Declaration of Independence, and became that document’s most ardent advocate.

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The Big Thing Holding Back Small Businesses

Posted by Doug Kinsey on Jun 24, 2019 5:02:48 PM

Small businesses stay small either by choice, or because they start chasing growth in the wrong places.

When you strip away the layers, it all comes down to darts.

Imagine a dart board with a bull’s eye and around it is a series of wider and wider circles. The bull’s eye is where the people just like you hang out. They are the people (or businesses) who feel the problem your company set out to solve. They are usually your first customers and raving fans.

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Recovery and the Fed Teases

Posted by Byron Sanders on Jun 19, 2019 1:10:31 PM

June 17, 2019

After a bruising May, the first half of June brought good news to investors as equity prices climbed backtoward their early May highs.  Hints from the Federal Reserve that interest rate reductions may be in place as soon as July cheered markets in the US and deflated recession expectations among the pundit class. 

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