A Lesson in Perspective

Posted by Doug Kinsey - 26 August, 2015


images-1As a follow-up to my piece on Monday morning, I am offering the following terrific pieces from JP Morgan Asset Management. I read these yesterday and wanted to get them to you as soon as possible. Very good information regarding the markets, and recommendations for investors to manage themselves and their actions during market corrections.

Item #1, "Investing with composure in volatile markets", by James C. Liu, CFA is a must-read. You can access it here:

Investing with composure in volatile markets

Item # 2, JP Morgan Asset Management Guide to the Markets 3Q2015 is optional, and full of interesting statistical information. Full of profound insights, yet a bit detailed. Read this one if you are a statistical junkie or suffering from insomnia. I love it, but not everyone shares my love of statistics.

JP Morgan Asset Management Guide to the Markets 3Q2015

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--Doug Kinsey, CFP, AIFA, CIMA

Chief Investment Officer, Artifex Financial Group

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